Vicki Ahlstrom

WNBF and IFPA Figure Pro

Contest History:
10/22/11 – NANBF Northern Sates 3rd place Bikini Masters
10/22/11 – NANBF Northern States 5th Open Bikini
11/19/11- NANBF USA Super PQ 2nd place Open Bikini
6/23/12- NGA Titan Classic Super PQ 4th place Open Bikini
4/20/13- INBF Wisconsin Natural Bodybuilding and Figure Championships Open Figure Short and Overall Champion- WNBF Pro Card Winner

11/19/11- NANBF USA Super PQ 2nd place Masters Bikini

11/19/11- NANBF Bluffs Classic 2nd place Open bikini

• To have a positive impact on women of all walks of life especially working mothers.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Vicki and I’m a busy mother to three girls who vary in ages from 17, 11 and 7.  They are all at very different points in their lives, and each one of them makes my life extremely interesting.  I also work full time as an office manager for a small manufacturing company.  My schedule allows me to workout on my lunch break which I find helps me clear my head and break up my work day nicely.

How did you get started with bodybuilding?

I’ve been weightlifting off and on since about 1998; I guess I was a casual lifter up until a few years ago.  In January of 2010, I had hit my mid-thirty’s and my metabolism started slowing waaaay down.  I didn’t like what I was seeing and I happened to be taking a beach trip with my girlfriends in a few short months.  My husband had competed in several bodybuilding shows and was toying with the idea of doing another one and suggested we follow his contest prep diet together.  I quickly shed the 10 pounds I wanted to lose and more!  I found I REALLY enjoyed experimenting with healthy recipes!  There are so many delicious options if you look hard enough.

What gets you motivated?

I love that I feel younger than I actually am – I’m energetic and am rarely…. do I dare say….EVER sick.  I am motivated by the fact that you can change your body composition by training right and following the proper diet.  I love that it includes eating a lot of food!  Lots of people are very impatient and want that beach body NOW! It takes hard work, patience, dedication and consistency to reach your goals.  I believe the main thing to have a great meal and exercise plans in place and stick to them as much as you can.

What workout routine has worked best for you?

I love a four day split with a cardio session post-workout.  I like leaving the other three days open for cardio if it fits into my busy schedule, but I usually like to take one full rest day a week, either on Saturday or Sunday.  During contest prep I do add one more leg day into the mix to lean my legs out, but off season strength training normally looks like this.

  • Monday:  Back + Abs
  • Tuesday:  Chest + Bis
  • Wednesday:  LISS cardio session
  • Thursday:  Legs
  • Friday:  Shoulders + Tris
  • Saturday: Cardio of some sort or a plyometric routine
  • Sunday: Rest

What are your three favorite exercises?

  1. Squats – any version.  Jump Squats, Barbell Squats, Smith Squats!  If you are looking for a different variation – the one-legged squat (with one leg on a weight bench) is a really tough one.
  2. Dumbell Shoulder Press:  In my opinion, there is nothing better than nice, toned, strong shoulders on a woman.
  3. Hammer Curls:  I don’t know why, I just feel like Rockstar when pumping my arms up….even if I’m only using 20-25 pounds.

What is your diet like?

Sample off-season meals:

  • Meal 1: 30 grams oatmeal, 1 serving Gaspari Myofusion protein shake mixed in blender with ice cubes
  • Meal 2:  varies – protein cinnamon cake or homemade protein bar to curb my sweet tooth or a banana with a protein source such as hardboiled eggs whites.
  • Meal 3: (which normally my post workout meal) 30 grams oatmeal, 1 serving Gaspari Myofusion protein shake mixed in blender with ice cubes
  • Meal 4: 3 oz chicken breast, 2-3 rice cakes,  steamed Broccoli, a serving of hummus
  • Meal 5: Varies – anything from a healthy casserole to  meatloaf to baked fish plus a salad with Walden’s dressing
  • Meal 6: One egg plus three egg whites, Pc. of Sara Lee 45 calorie bread, ½ serving natural peanut butter

When trying to cut down do you prefer to use HIIT or just normal cardio?

I would have to say I prefer regular cardio or a spinning class over HIIT if I had to choose. I enjoy mixing it up though.


What is your supplementation like?

I supplement my diet with protein powder, my personal favorite being Chocolate Gaspari Myofusion, Opti-Women multi-vitamin, extra zinc and vitamin c and fish oils.  I also have used in the past and like CLA,  Scivation Xtend and various pre-workout supplements, such as Jack3d.    Something I do want to try in the future is a greens supplement, I know I could use more help getting those greens in my system.

Who are your favorite bodybuilders?

Jamie Eason! She’s is not only pegged to be the world’s fittest model, but is also very humble, knowledgeable and freakin’ adorable!


What’s your favorite quote?

That’s a tough one. I am a quote junkie!  I can not name just one favorite – but a few I love are:

“Motivation will almost always beat mere talent.” -Norman R. Augustine

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.” – Charles Buxton

“Life is 10 percent what you make it, and 90 percent how you take it.” -Irving Berlin

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.” –Vince Lombardi


Do you have any other interests besides health and fitness?

I love my NikonD60 and love to take pictures of my children especially.  I someday hope to take a photography class and also want to improve my editing skills.

I also love to read, but I rarely have time to actually relax and read actual novels.   I sit down at 9:00 pm, open a book up and I’m sleeping within minutes.  I do a lot of online reading, blog reading and magazine reading.

We’ve also spent quite a bit of time at girls youth basketball games since our oldest daughter was in fifth grade….looks like our middle daughter is interested in continuing that tradition, so I suspect we’ll be cheering her on lots through the next few years.  My husband has done his fair share of coaching youth basketball (both as head-coach and assistant-coach) –  it’s hard not to love the game.  Plus, it’s actually a game I can understand….since I’m the farthest thing from a sports nut there is!

PHOTO SHOOT – October 8th, 2011